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The pot...

Posted by Amos on January 24, 2000

In Reply to: The pot... posted by Gary Martin on January 24, 2000

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: : 3. Perhaps those who are curious, as to the origins of black-white animosity, might consider, as one contributory cause, the fact that thousands of black African people were carried to these shores in chains, bred like cattle and treated worse that dogs for several generations and only in recent times have their descendants been reluctantly accepted as members of the human race - probably.

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: : Amos

: These shores? You mean USA I guess. For a discussion group that is published from England?

: Let's all stay international folks.

: Gary (on the little green island to the north of France)

A blessed plot, albeit with an historic involvement in the slave trade, redeemed by the actions of a few brave souls who campaigned and succeeded in having it abolished ahead of most others.
I accept the reprimand, and apologise for impugning the honor of the cradle of what is much that makes our modern world.