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Name for a type of phrase

Posted by Bob on January 22, 2000

In Reply to: Name for a type of phrase posted by ESC on December 30, 1999

: : I seek the "name" of a particular type of phrase... for example: "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." What type of phrase is this called? Does this type of phrase have a specific name? Where there is a play on words within the phrase that causes the words to take on different meanings? Please help.

: Somewhere I read an excellent description of all the different types of phrases -- like maxims (short rule of conduct), adages, proverbs (short wise saying used for a long time by many people), sayings and homilies (serious writing that imparts a moral lesson). But I can't remember where I found this passage. Don't you hate when that happens. There were subtle differences in all the words for phrases.

: On the other question, there's "pun" and "double entente." But I don't think that's what you are going for.

: Maybe the other Phrase Finder folks can expand on these topics.

Hey, it only took me three weeks, but I think the word we're looking for here is anadiplosis. It's a figure of speech where an end is repeated at the next beginning. Lovely word.