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Slight Tangent

Posted by Darren Williams on January 15, 2000

In Reply to: Slight Tangent posted by Bob Whitaker on January 15, 2000

: : : I'm hoping not to curve this educational and fun forum but I have an arguement to solve with friends.
: : : Call it a phrase or a technicality but does anyone really know the truth about what constitutes someones name (phrase)to being a "junior" vs. 11 (the second).
: : : I was told that the American rules are not the same as the England rules. If your first name only is the same as your parent but your middle name is different then your are a "junior".
: : : But, if your first and middle names are the same as your parent then you're considered 11 (the second).
: : : Please help. And forgive me if I pivoted too far.

: : Neither the term 'junior' or 'II' are used in the UK and if there is a rule it is 'don't use that silly American expression'. I sould say that if you refered to a yound person as '******** junior' they would construe it as a term of abuse and punch you on the nose - in impolite society such as down in the public bar at the 'Dog and Duck' pub.

: : Hope this helps.

: I don't think you understood the question.
: How come there was a King Henry V (in England)
: Remember MASH--Charles Emerson Winchester III

You wouldn't have me believe that 'MASH' - a truly magnificent series - in any way reflected English usage of expressions, would you? Furthermore, as in all things, there is an exception that proves the rule and the Kings and Queens of England are the exception in this case. All heirs to the throne generally are given a great handful of first names and, when it comes to their turn to be crowned as the reigning monarch they choose one of them and, if its been used by a previous monarch, they are crowned as ***** with the appropriate Roman numeral which represents their place in line after the original. Hence we had 'Elizabeth II' and 'Henry VII' but we really don't know whether Prince Charles will become Charles III, or George VII, or even 'Arthur II'. We might opt for a president and get rid of all the complication; what do you think?

Hope this helps and enlightens.