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Posted by Giselle on March 16, 2003

In Reply to: "Daddy" posted by Prakash on March 15, 2003

: I don't know if this message qualifies for indecency although I hope not. It is a serious question and I hope someone will answer my question.

: When an american female says "Give it to me, daddy" while seducing a man who is not her father, what does it mean? Why "daddy"? Does it have any contextual meaning like a well known statement from a movie or a novel?

: Thanks
: Prakash.

I think that this can have a even more in depth meaning. I mean, our culture right now can say that it's sometimes used just as a pet name.
I think it also has something to do with your subconcious. Have you ever heard of the "trauma" "Edipo". Well, it is a greek myth, also explained by Freud, that sons also fall in love with their mother, and vice versa, girls at a very early age fall in love with their fathers. Most kids forget, but maybe it subconciously stays with you. Well, thats my opinion. Who knows, maybe its just a pet name.