Negative positive and religion

Posted by Sadashivan on March 12, 2003

Religion came in when societies formed for betterment and secured life. Super people with high positive energy came forward from the community for the change and respite from atrocities and persecution which ordinary population had to suffer by old orthodox superficial cruel rituals for the benefit of higher authority. Old ritual again was good at time when needed but when these reached to the extreme that started stinking, then positive that reached to its extreme had to give its negative taste, like apple when ripe is sweet but extreme of ripe is rot that stinks and has to perish. Old system did stick to its old way and did not flow as time changed that reasoned disliking and revolution. This revolution I feel had given to the birth of religion for new and revolutionary systems for the benefits of living population of that community. There are many religions because of many societies. Each religion outlined the scripture to make their environment positive which became holy book. People of these societies came forward to accept the virtue of new revolutionary scriptures. Each one had preferred to obtain scriptures to memorize to remember and act accordingly for the betterment of social life. Virtues of systems pervaded to other societies which did not have same revolution or found better than the existing. Objective of new religions did its positive performances to create positive environment so fetched immense popularity, this popularity gave benefits to religious leaders and the kingdom. Thus many religions did best for spreading their religion to gain more followers. More the followers more the status became their instrument to the kingdom that benefited to religious leaders also. Herewith, deterioration of religion began. Because even behind doing good to the community the objective became negative. That encouraged religions acted to overpower other religions to force their own religion then resistance and war. First when the religion came, that came as fortune which brought positive to environment but when the objective became opposite to its purpose of existence, religion personated to negative form. Neglecting all the purposes of religion now the objective of the religious leaders are only to acquire status for that acquiring mass followers was important so that resulted to religion to religion war. We see this in our present world where each religion is busy spreading wave of changing people to own religion. Made change of religion as very easy that by only simple ritual men and women converted to new religion, mainly these changes are by force or inspiration. To avert, existing religion retaliates to reconvert. Negative extended so intensively that even population has started realizing that only religion is superior to all. CLICK WEB SITE TO VIEW