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See the little search box at the top of the page?

Posted by TheFallen on February 27, 2003

In Reply to: I don't understand many discussion group responses posted by janes_kid on February 27, 2003

: Here sometimes, and other places frequently, someone asks a questions and the response is, in affect, go look somewhere else.

: An example nearby is someone asks about '23 skidoo' and the response is in affect 'go search the archives, we've no time for your kind'

: Why do you invite people and them shove them off?

Surely you understand that, with well over 20,000 posts (I've not counted - I'm estimating), many phrases have been discussed before, so it'd be a little futile to clog the place up with the same stuff just rehashed. There's a search box on the top of the main web-board. If people refer you to the archives, then surely it's a matter of 30 seconds work to type your enquiry into that search box and get the information you require? Sorry, but I don't understand your complaint in the least.