Bigotry for bucks, cracker comedy, hick hunt

Posted by ESC on February 26, 2003

BIGOTRY FOR BUCKS/CRACKER COMEDY/HICK HUNT - "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A senator (Georgia Democratic Sen. Zell Miller) on Tuesday accused CBS of peddling 'bigotry for big bucks' by planning a 'reality' show based on 'The Beverly Hillbillies,' which portrayed a family of simple country folks suddenly transplanted to a posh neighborhood.'What CBS and CEO Moonves propose to do with this cracker comedy is bigotry, pure and simple. Bigotry for big bucks,' Miller said. 'They know that the only minority left in this country that you can make fun of and demean and humiliate ... are hillbillies in particular and rural people in general.' .Critics of the show, however, have branded it a 'hick hunt' designed to hold poor, rural people up to ridicule." From online article: "Sen.: Hillbilly Reality Show Is 'Bigotry for Bucks'" Reuters article online, Feb. 25, 2003. Accessed February 26, 2003.