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Irish rings

Posted by TheFallen on February 25, 2003

In Reply to: Irish rings posted by S. Ryan on February 25, 2003

: : : : : : : : : What is a "promise ring"?

: : : : : : : : A ring given instead of, or in advance of, an engagement ring by someone who is only sort of committed (I may get some arguments on that last bit).

: : : : : : : : R. Berg's response reminded me of the breakfast story regarding the bacon and the eggs. The hen is involved but the pig is committed. Here also, promise ring is sometimes, but not often, given prior to a formal engagement, a symbol of involvement, somewhat committed.

: : : : : : In my day, back in the 60s, we had "sweetheart rings" -- two hearts and a diamond chip. Isn't that precious? Also there were "friendship rings" -- silver bands. Can't remember but I think the friendship rings had hearts on them.

: : : : : : I say, one is either engaged or married or not. None of this renting with an option to buy business. Why limit your freedom if there's been no real commitment?

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: : : : : : My father used to say, in a lighthearted way, that marriage was like a three-ring circus... engagement ring... wedding ring... and suffering! This sort of ties to the previous discussion of marriage... in a humourous way.

: : : : It seems to me that young people don't "date" anymore. Either they are what they call "single" (alone, without a steady) or they are in a faux marriage. One extreme or the other. This is in the U.S.

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: : : What are those Irish friendship/love rings called? You how, the ones that are invariably made of gold and have a little heart on them. Starts with a "c-" and maybe even a "cl-" - I keep wanting to say "clannad" but God forbid.

: : : they are called Claddah Rings...

: : sorry... Claddagh with a "g". Two hands sharing one heart crowned with love...

That's exactly it. Thanks.