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Why would it . . .

Posted by R. Berg on February 24, 2003

In Reply to: Help posted by stile on February 24, 2003

: it's raining. Of course. Why would it do anything else on the worst day of my life? eighteen-year-old libby dalton stared out the window, her elbows propped on the table, her chin buried in her fists. Stacks of boxes cast sporadic ghostly patterns on the wall as the lighting flickered through the rain beating incessantly on the windowpanes.

: Why would it do anything else on the worst day of my life? Please help!

I'm not sure exactly what you're asking. My best guess is that you're asking what that sentence means.

The whole passage looks like the beginning of a story about Libby, who is unhappy. We don't yet know why she's unhappy, but she thinks today is the worst day of her life. "Why would it do anything else" is what Libby is thinking about the rain. The dismal weather makes her feel even worse. That sentence means "Of COURSE it's raining! I'm miserable already, and nothing good can happen! Even the weather is hurting me. It's a no-mercy day!"