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Posted by TheFallen on February 20, 2003

In Reply to: "overpaid, oversexed..." posted by John Bull on February 20, 2003

: : : In response the the jibe to US servicemen in Europe during WWII of "Over-paid, over-sexed, and over here", there was a comeback aimed at the Brits. It was "Under-paid, under-sexed, and under Eisenhower."

: : A message from old Europe... Not that I would want to cause friction, what with our glorious UK/US leaders being so in love, but the real gibe is in the part of this phrase that I left out - 'overdue'.

: And in the case of the Brits you might add 'underestimated' and 'underappreciated' - especially by the French.

Will you PLEASE stop being so disrespectful of the French. Okay, admittedly their military record over the last thousand years reads something like "The French Nil, Rest Of The World Forty Three", but that's entirely beside the point. The fact remains that if you ever need to sink a completely harmless and aging rustbucket of a ship, painted in bright rainbow colours and full of dastardly unarmed eco-thugs, protesting insanely against a perfectly reasoned decision to blow up and irradiate a coral atoll in the Pacific Ocean with a nuclear device, then the French will bravely volunteer for this perilous mission every time. God bless 'em.