Posted by ESC on March 21, 2003

tick-tock -- noun. A news story that recounts events in chronological order.

Example Citation: "I sat in a maple chair by the president's phone, taking notes for the 'tick-tock' accounts of the decision-making process that all the major newspapers would be writing that night." -George Stephanopoulos, All Too Human. The Word Spy Posted on October 31, 1997. Accessed March 21, 2003.

Press Briefing by Ari Fleischer - March 20, 2003. Friday, 21 March 2003, 1:11 p.m., Press Release: The White House: "MR. FLEISCHER: Ron, here in the very early days, the earliest hours of the disarmament mission, I'm not going to provide a play-by-play coverage of it. The President has every confidence, as the American people do, in the men and women of our military to achieve their objective, which is to disarm the Iraqi regime. He has every confidence that will be done. But I'm just not, as a general matter of principle, going to provide a daily and nightly tick-tock like that. But when I say the President has every confidence, it's for good reason." From Accessed March 21, 2003.