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Posted by ESC on March 20, 2003

In Reply to: The possessive of US? posted by R. Berg on March 20, 2003

: : : So, Bob, should "U.S.'s" really be "U.S.s'"? I think so. It would then transfer to "United States'" if it were spelled out.
: : : Your comment is keeping me on my perfectionist's toes.
: : : Monica

: : What a good question! Example - "What do you think of the United States' foreign policy?" Monica rightly points out that when written in full, it should be United States', but I have no clue what it should strictly be when the abbreviation is used, either with or without periods. I suspect that most authors would avoid the thorny issue entirely and just go with "US foreign policy".

: It can't be U.S.s', because that would be the plural possessive and there's only one U.S.

: Gotta be U.S.'s. "The U.S.'s foreign policy."

I can't find a rule. But "U.S. foreign policy" looks right to me. No apostrophe.