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Good and bad

Posted by EE on March 19, 2003

In Reply to: Good and bad posted by TheFallen on March 19, 2003

: : : What is/are the correct preposition(s) after good and bad? Good at/bad in...? Others correct too? Thanks.

: : All correct:
: : Andy is good at catching fly balls.
: : Charlie is bad at keeping secrets.
: : Green vegetables are good for you.
: : Aspirin is good for a headache.
: : Political instability is bad for the stock market.
: : Fresh herbs are good in potato soup.

: Also, he's been very good to me.

: There's no one correct preposition, as you'll have noted, and it all comes down to meaning.

: Good at = skilled at or proficient in.
: Good for = has a beneficial effect upon.
: Good in = enjoyable, with the location or situation being subsequently defined (herbs are good in soup, Olivier was good in "Hamlet")
: Good to = kindly or well-behaved towards.

Is it correct to write: I am bad in math.? Or should it be: I am bad at math.?

Also, how do you use good with?