Dropping Like Flies

Posted by ESC on March 18, 2003

In Reply to: Dropping Like Flies posted by S. on March 18, 2003

: Hello, I was just hoping to find out the origin of the phrase "dropping like flies". Thanks in advance for any information.

I don't know if this is the origin of "dropping like flies." But when I hear this expression, I always think of the story, "The Brave Little Tailor." He killed some flies that were trying to eat his bread and jam. ".there lay before him no fewer than seven, dead and with legs stretched out. 'Are you a fellow of that sort?' said he, and could not help admiring his own bravery. 'The whole town shall know of this.' And the little tailor hastened to cut himself a girdle, stitched it, and embroidered on it in large letters, SEVEN AT ONE STROKE!"