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Posted by Homer Simpson on February 07, 2003

In Reply to: Help posted by tree on February 07, 2003

: It isn't just physical exercise that gets those brain cells jumping. Just like those head-pumped cabbies and piano jockeys, you can build up various areas of your brain by putting them to work.

: Unfortunately, as soon as you get beyond that "moderate" amount, your memory, reaction time and ability to kick butt at PlayStation are all likely to decline

: what are "head-pumped" and "kick butt"? thanx!

head-pumped - cabbies have 2 qualities (when they speak your language) [right wing] opinions about everything and detailed knowledge. E.g. to pass exams to be a London cabbie - you need to pass "The Knowledge" which is an exhaustive amount of information about London streets and places - very exacting. Head-pumped sounds like so much has been squeezed in.

kick butt/ass is commonplace - it just means that the thing described is powerful as in "I'll kick his ass!" or "This magnum 44 really kicks butt"
Origin - if you have something on the run, you can kick it's butt as it flees.