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Posted by TheFallen on February 05, 2003

In Reply to: Meaning /origin posted by Garrett shaw on February 05, 2003

: half - pregnant
: answer to a maiden's prayer

Meanings at least.

Half-pregnant. An impossible state to be in, because (obviously) it's a black or white deal, all or nothing. Often used to refer to someone who's trying to sit on the fence when it's impossible to do so - "you can't be half-pregnant, you know."

Answer to a maiden's prayer. Used invariably ironically to describe something that finally turns up or occurs (usually by accident or undeservingly) to change a long-term situation for the better.

The following from the San Francisco Examiner of June 2002 (or maybe February - why *do* you people put your dates in that stupid order?):-

"Chelsea Clinton, like many another Yank, caught a bad case of the Oxford blues when first she landed in that smoky English city last autumn. The Brits weren't very friendly. Nor did she dig the anti-American feeling evinced in that provincial town after 9/11. But things are looking up.

Chelsea joined some pro-American rallies, learned to love London (it's only a one-hour limo ride away), slimmed down, had a makeover and met a California dude. From Belvedere.

He's a fellow Oxonian. Name is Ian Klaus. He's 22 and is a Rhodes scholar at Jesus College. If that isn't the answer to a maiden's prayer, then what could be?"

Oh by the way. Oxford isn't smoky.