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Take in charge

Posted by Lewis on February 03, 2003

In Reply to: Take in charge posted by Bob on February 03, 2003

: : Can anyone tell me more about the meaning of the phrase "to take in charge," -- as when we talk about someone taking someone else in charge. I get the impression it implies an imperious attitude toward another, having someone do your bidding. But I would like a more detailed explanation of the meaning, if one is available.

: Not imperious, but definitely to take custody. It's an authority relationship, to take responsibility for someone or something. One could, of course, use those words in a tone of voice that can be read as imperious, but the phrase itself is not charged (!) with that meaning.

A "charge" was like a "ward" - a younger person for whom an adult had responsibility. It doesn't seem to have the meaning of adult-adult supervision, but to dependants of younger age.