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Cloud nine

Posted by ESC on January 30, 2003

In Reply to: Cloud nine posted by R. Berg on January 30, 2003

: : cloud nine relates to being intoxicated from the use of drugs. it was first used by Bob marley to describe the use of marijuana.

: Before that, people used the phrase for all kinds of highs, pharmaceutical and otherwise.

There are several "Cloud 9" songs including one by George Harrison. I'm most familiar with the one sung by The Temptations. I don't know who wrote it or when.
The Temptations

Childhood part of my life it wasn't very pretty
You see I was born and raised in the slums of the city
It was a one-room shack that slept
Ten other children besides me
We hardly had enough food or room to sleep
It was hard times needed something
To ease my troubled mind
Listen my father didn't know the meaning of work
He disrespected momma and treated us like dirt
I left home seeking a job that I never did find
Depressed and downhearted I took to cloud 9
I'm doing fine up here on cloud 9
Listen one more time I'm doing fine up here on cloud 9...

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