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Loud and pushy

Posted by Special Branch on January 27, 2003

In Reply to: Loud and pushy posted by TheFallen on January 27, 2003

: : Can anyone help with the meaning of loud and push, please !

: : Here are two exemples :

: : "Because they're loud and pushy"
: : "I think I'm loud and pushy and overbearing"

: : Thanks in advance

: "Loud and pushy" is a disparaging phrase used to describe the bad-mannered behaviour of someone in a social situation. If someone is described in this way, it means that they are determined to make themselves the centre of attention, because of an over-inflated sense of their own self-importance - the implication being that they simply raise their voice in order to talk over anyone else (loud), or even elbow people out of the way (pushy). Pushy also has connotations of a desire to be a social climber.

: We have a minor Royal over here in the UK who is generally known as Princess Pushy, owing to her behaviour allegedly being similar to the above.

Which one?