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At the end of the day

Posted by Lewis on January 20, 2003

In Reply to: At the end of the day posted by Word Camel on January 18, 2003

: : : Thanks to Colin Powell the follow phrase is painfully over-used:
: : : ...At the end of the day...

: : : Please help put a stop to the use of this "no added value" phrase. Thanks

: : Didn't that one first become popular in the U.K. and drift westward?

: I think that's right, at least this is my experience. I don't mind it; actually I mind "added value" more.

At the end of the day, "at the end of the day" is only an announcement of summarising and when all's said and done - it suggests that there will be an encompassing movement from the particular to the general, which at the end of the day is sometimes required, when all's said and done.