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Silver lining

Posted by R. Berg on January 18, 2003

In Reply to: Silver lining posted by James Briggs on January 18, 2003

: : : Hi, could you explain the meaning of "Silver lining", when and how to use this word?

: : It means that a negative situation has produced something that is very positive. The very positive thing or situation is the "silver lining".
: : For instance, many people agree that one of the "silver linings" of World War 2 was the increae in technology that hastened the development and start of the computer era.

: I think this comes from thunder clouds, which are often very dark and threatening but which often may have a silver gleam of sunlight along one edge - the 'silver lining' to the cloud.

"Silver lining" comes from a proverb often heard, "Every cloud has a silver lining," which refers literally to the storm clouds described just above and is extended to the situations described above that.