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Air hostesses

Posted by Woodchuck on December 13, 2002

In Reply to: Air hostesses posted by Gary on December 13, 2002

: : Having recently moved to Spain,I have begun to learn the language, in a recent lesson my teacher had forgotten the English translation for ´air hostess´ so looked it up in her Spanish/English dictionary, where she was greeted by the translation: lady of the queens wardrobe, air hostess. I have never heard this phrase before I can find no trace of it, and am naturally extremely curious. Any answers, please contact me.

: I'd have thought it would be trolé dolé

: I believe that The Lady of the Queen's Wardrobe is the name of one of the Queen's retainers. Originally that would have been a real rather than ceremonial post, i.e. sewing/ironing clothes. These days more likely to be hanging out at Windsor and Badminton downing champagne.

: As far as I know they don't serve drinks on planes.

However, they might possibly throw post-polo match fêtes for the Prince of Wales which would make said ladies "heir hostesses."

'Air hostess' has gone the way of 'stewardess' and is outré in the U.S. We use the gender neutral 'flight attendant'.