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What is Bull ****

Posted by JGF on December 04, 2002

In Reply to: What is Bull **** posted by Shae on November 15, 2002

: : what does "Bull****" and "as of now" means.

: Bull****, n, 1. exaggerated or foolish talk, nonsense; 2. deceitful or pretensious talk.

: I don't know why the excrement of bulls was selected over that of any other animal for this particular honour.

I've heard it was the excrement of choice for this expression because bulls, being stronger than cows, were used as draft animals on many farms; therefore the hapless farmer was frequently stepping in the substance.
Coming from a rural area I've heard horse**** and pig**** used almost as often. About thirty years ago whale**** was a popular phrase; being on the bottom of the ocean, it was lower than any other kind.