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Frisky old folks

Posted by ESC on November 06, 2002

In Reply to: There's nothing new under the sun - Trailer parks posted by James Briggs on November 06, 2002

: : : : : : : : "Two Trailer park girls go around the outside"

: : : : : : : I believe I know the answer (God help me). It probably refers to a sexual practice. But doesn't everything.

: : : : : : And I think you mean Eminem.

: : : : : The Eminem lyric is a reworking of a Malcolm McLaren single - yes, he of the Sex Pistols fame - from the early 80's called "Buffalo Gals", which features the acutely insightful lines:-

: : : : : "Three buffalo gals go 'round the outside
: : : : : 'Round the outside
: : : : : 'Round the outside
: : : : : Three buffalo gals go 'round the outside
: : : : : And do-si-do your partner..."

: : : : : It was an appalling song from memory, trying as it did to combine proto-hiphop with country, but I'll bet the Eminem version is no better. However, I think ESC's suspicions of carnality are a tad misfounded here though, with square-dancing being the original theme.

: : : : : As a typical idle side note, what is it with buffalo and 80's music? I quite distinctly remember Neneh Cherry alleging that she hung "in a buffalo stance" in a far more catchy song from roughly the same era. I have no clue what this means either, but it sounds a heap more risqué to me - though quite possibly because Ms. Cherry was a tad more visually pleasing than Mr. McLaren.

: : : : I am so ashamed of my suspicions of carnality. Innocent square dancing and I think the worst.

: : :
: : : I'm completely unsurprised at your instant prurience - given the amount of skullduggery that you've told us goes on at your workplace.

: : And I'm from Kentucky where our 65-year-old governor is embroiled in a sex scandal. So you can understand why my thoughts turn in that direction.

: Just to add a little more to the saucy bit. There was a TV documentary here in the UK a couple of years ago about the 'Snowbirds' moving down in the winter from the cold northern parts of the US to trailer parks in Florida. Here all sorts of 'interesting' liasons apparently take place, epitomised by one old man saying - "if the rig's a'rockin', don't come a'knockin'!"

I blame Viagra. And soap operas.

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