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There's nothing new under the sun

Posted by TheFallen on November 05, 2002

In Reply to: M&M song posted by ESC on November 05, 2002

: : : "Two Trailer park girls go around the outside"

: : I believe I know the answer (God help me). It probably refers to a sexual practice. But doesn't everything.

: And I think you mean Eminem.

The Eminem lyric is a reworking of a Malcolm McLaren single - yes, he of the Sex Pistols fame - from the early 80's called "Buffalo Gals", which features the acutely insightful lines:-

"Three buffalo gals go 'round the outside
'Round the outside
'Round the outside
Three buffalo gals go 'round the outside
And do-si-do your partner..."

It was an appalling song from memory, trying as it did to combine proto-hiphop with country, but I'll bet the Eminem version is no better. However, I think ESC's suspicions of carnality are a tad misfounded here though, with square-dancing being the original theme.

As a typical idle side note, what is it with buffalo and 80's music? I quite distinctly remember Neneh Cherry alleging that she hung "in a buffalo stance" in a far more catchy song from roughly the same era. I have no clue what this means either, but it sounds a heap more risqué to me - though quite possibly because Ms. Cherry was a tad more visually pleasing than Mr. McLaren.

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