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Ambiguous phrases

Posted by Barney on November 19, 2002

In Reply to: Ambiguous phrases posted by R. Berg on November 19, 2002

: : : Doing project on play on words. Need phrase that can be drawn and look cool or have several different meanings

: : "Pack Ice" can be drawn and not only does it looks cool, it is cool.

: Even if you're not a subscriber to the Phrase Finder thesaurus, you can find many phrases with potential in the Meanings and Origins section of this site (link on main Discussion Forum page).

By way of clarification:

He instructed his housekeeper - Miss Ice - to pack her bags: "Pack Ice", he said, in a dismissive manner, "and don't darken my doorway ever again".

He instructed the butler to 'pack ice' to keep the champagne cooled at the Henley Regatta

He warned the captain of the Titanic of the dangerous 'pack ice' but failed to emphasise that there were also icebergs as big as mountains scattered amongst it.