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Posted by Word Camel on November 18, 2002

In Reply to: Why not start at beginnning post? posted by Karl on November 18, 2002

: I found it very bothersome to have to scan thru a post that is repeated 10 times to get to the current statement.

: Why start at the end?

in a thread with ten posts you'd need to reload the page ten times to accomplish what you could with a single click - and more if you wanted to review a previous post. Call me lazy and slothful but I would far rather scroll down a bit than have to labouriously load and reload each post. I find it infuriating and I have DSL. I can't imagine what people with dial-up connections endure.

It's not just a technical issue either. It is a far more efficient way to do things. Posters have ready access to previous posts so they tend to be more accurate in their replies. What happened in this thread is an excellent example of why preserving the replies is useful. Besides that it's just shows more consideration to fellow contributors.