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Thick as a . . .

Posted by Shae on November 15, 2002

In Reply to: Thick-headed posted by Bookworm on November 15, 2002

: : : : Can somebody help me with the word thick-head...

: : : : Thanks in advance.

: : : : Ex:
: : : : if you're too thick-headed to understand that >>OR<< to grow your hair back, then I'm better off without you!

: : : Thick-Headed = Stubborn

: : Unless you're in the UK, where it means stupid.

: It means stupid in the US as well. Mule-headed would be stubborn.

Renowned worldwide for our subtlety and sensitivity, we Irish use 'Thick as a ditch' and 'Thick as two planks sideways' so as not to offend anyone.