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The Full Monty - german explanation?

Posted by A.A. on December 26, 2002

hi, I just read your explanation for "the full monty" and it surprised me because I thought I knew where the phrase came from... i'm from austria, a german-speaking country, and I thought 'monty' was nothing more than a short version of the english version of "Montur". well, now I found there is no english version of the word, but "die volle Montur" (a word to word translation of 'the full monty') is also a german phrase, describing exactly the same meaning - and in our language it does make sense.
"Montur" is a german word related to "Montage" ('installation, erection, assembly, montage') and may be translated as 'gear', 'ring-out' and 'uniform' - meaning everything a soldier needs to wear and carry with him. the full monty would be exactly that.
as a bonus, "Montur" is borrowed from late latin *montare, 'to climb a mountain' (just because you wrote about this pile of cards called a 'monte').
what do you think?

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