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'Going the rounds'?

Posted by Bruce Kahl on December 24, 2002

In Reply to: 'Going the rounds'? posted by James Briggs on December 24, 2002

: : I discovered this on this very site, in fact! There is, however no entry for it in the 'meanings' section of the site.

: : I had always thought it was 'doing the rounds' or 'making the rounds', which sounds like an electioneering or milk-round related phrase, but 'going the rounds' sounds more lke something to do with boxing. Does anyone know which is correct, what is its origin and can it be added to the site?

: : Merry Christmas everyone!

: In hospital the doctors and their teams 'do the rounds'(of their patients). I've spent many a happy hour doing this. I guess that generally 'the rounds' are going to meet people at various venues, rather than surviving in the boxing ring.
: And a Merry Christmas to you too.

Round ad nauseam:

Main Entry: 3round
Function: noun
Date: 14th century
1 a : something (as a circle, globe, or ring) that is round b : a knot of people : a circle of things
3 : a musical canon sung in unison in which each part is continuously repeated
4 a : a rung of a ladder or a chair b : a rounded molding
5 a : a circling or circuitous path or course b : motion in a circle or a curving path
6 a : a route or circuit habitually covered (as by a security guard or police officer) b : a series of similar or customary calls or stops ; especially : a series of regularly scheduled professional calls on hospital patients made by a doctor or nurse -- usually used in plural
7 : a drink of liquor apiece served at one time to each person in a group
8 : a sequence of recurring routine or repetitive actions or events
9 : a period of time that recurs in a fixed pattern
10 a : one shot fired by a weapon or by each man in a military unit b : a unit of ammunition consisting of the parts necessary to fire one shot
11 a : a unit of action in a contest or game which comprises a stated period, covers a prescribed distance, includes a specified number of plays, or gives each player one turn b : a division of a tournament in which each contestant plays an opponent
12 : a prolonged burst (as of applause)
13 a : a cut of meat (as beef) especially between the rump and the lower leg -- see BEEF illustration b : a slice of food
14 : a rounded or curved part
- in the round 1 : in full sculptured form unattached to a background 2 : with an inclusive or comprehensive view or representation 3 : with a center stage surrounded by an audience

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