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Could of been my black husband June 9, 2002 with a LaRue police co.

Posted by Glenda Smith on December 17, 2002

In Reply to: Wrong as two left shoes posted by ESC on December 07, 2002

: The Courier-Journal
: Louisville, Ky.
: Dec. 7, 2002
: A man fatally shot by a Louisville police detective Thursday night in Smoketown was handcuffed, with his arms behind his back, when the shooting occurred, Louisville Police Chief Greg Smith acknowledged yesterday.

: But Smith said Detective Mike O'Neil and his partner told investigators that James Edward Taylor, 50, had taken a knife into his hands, worked his hands around to his hip, and was able to make ''slicing motions'' as he lunged at and threatened the officers.

: (James Edward) Taylor's mother, Rosetta Taylor, said in an interview yesterday: "They didn't have to kill him. They have Mace. I think this was as wrong as two left shoes."

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