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Nine yards again

Posted by Bob on December 15, 2002

In Reply to: Nine yards again posted by Shae on December 15, 2002

: Just to add more fuel to the fire, grist to the mill, bolts to the works and confusions to the reign, here's an extract from 'The Hunt Museum: essential guide,' Scala Publishers/Hunt Museum, 2002, ISBN 1 85759 287 5, p. 154. It refers to Sybil Connolly, fashion designer [1921-'98].

: 'She was especially celebrated for her use of linen, which she pleated to produce a delicate fabric; it took nine yards of linen to produce one pleated yard.'

Ah, but the book was published in 2002. A thinly-veiled attempt by the author(s) or publisher to purloin the PFW9Y Big Cash Prize.
But we remain vigilant.

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