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ESC or somebody please help again

Posted by R. Berg on October 25, 2002

In Reply to: ESC or somebody please help again posted by jessica on October 25, 2002

: Okay well stubborn as a mule was on the paper that my teacher handed out but o'well can you please help me figure out how to either prove or disprove them. Thanks so much

: food for thought
: in a nutshell
: knock on wood

I don't understand the assignment. It isn't clear what proving or disproving any of these means. They aren't the kind of thing that can be proved or disproved; that is, they aren't assertions; they aren't "true" or "not true." Each of them, however, has been discussed recently in this forum because other people asked. (Maybe those people were your classmates.) If you look for the phrases on the main Discussion Forum page, you'll find something about the history of each one.

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