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"load up"

Posted by Paulus on October 24, 2002

In Reply to: "Load up" posted by Tim Eckes on October 22, 2002

: It is not a new phrase. Not quite proper
: English, you load a wagon, etc. However since
: most often one loads onto the floor of the
: wagon, as you load more you load "up".
: Whatever made you think this was a "new phrase"
: and why would you want to discuss such a
: mundane turn?

I think that by saying "New Phrase" the original author of this thread was claiming it as such in relation to the Phrase site and this discussion forum. So then what about "Fill 'er Up"? Is that gas tank really over your head? Or are we talking in reference to what I do with my girlfriend? "Load Up" could also refer to the Lock-n-Load type of gun phraseology. "Better load up now while we're not under fire." Somethin' like that. Most of the time though, it seems to be used as a phrase by itself. And lastly, proper English??? what kind of argument is that for idioms, slang, and eminations? :)

Plus, with the constant posting of this ESC character (respect), if he/she hasn't heard of it yet, it could almost be listed as a new phrase. Mundane terms are often of question as to how they became so. I consider "End of Story" mundane (perhaps not even the best example), and yet it's listed on the Phrase site.

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