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Saying [N-word]

Posted by Karl on October 21, 2002

In Reply to: Seeing red posted by Silver Surfer on October 21, 2002

"However, on the political correctness front I recently watched the film Dambusters - made almost 60 years ago -and, even though Guy Gibson's dog [N-word] got killed as usual, in this cut of the film nobody actually spoke the dog's name."

Did this bother you?

Is this political correctness? If the dog's name was "stupid English [c-word]" should they speak that on a movie or TV screen?

Is this a film suitable for all viewers?

If it is, is it necessary or even important for the dog's name to be pronounced?

Is it appropriate to portray to children who may watch the film and may not understand the differences in attitudes over the last very few decades, the concept that to white people, blacks can be likened to animals and that blacks, as a generic people, are no better than dogs?

Would you name your dog [N-word] and why or why not?