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What is your native language ?

Posted by Barney on October 20, 2002

In Reply to: What is your native language ? posted by Karl on October 18, 2002

: I can't believe you guys have no idea what this means especially my neighbor in the NE US. Plain and simple it means "fuck you" or more literally "get fucked" or more politely "get sodomized". When you, a man, get doinked, the doinker bends you over. And yes, like so many other insults and challenges, it is male-oriented and homo-phobic. When a woman says to a man "F you" she isn't wishing him a roll in the hay with her or any other woman.

Here in SW London, England - the cradle of civilisation - we have no understanding, or tolerance, of any of the activities or attitude expressed above.

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