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So, it's not correct?

Posted by Bookworm on October 18, 2002

In Reply to: So, it's not correct? posted by R. Berg on October 17, 2002

: : : : Nein, es ist nicht richtig.

: : What then, is the rule?

: : By the way, I found the English equivalent of this sentence at www.freetransl**** (I'm afraid to type out the 'T' word. :) )

: : It supports:

: : English German
: : English French
: : English Spanish
: : English Italian
: : English Portuguese
: : English -> Norwegian

: : Mind, it gives the *literal* meaning of the text typed, so it is not very useful for idioms and, alas, it doesn't support L****n.

: The Chicago Manual of Style (12th ed., 1969) says "The most striking feature of German capitalization is that all nouns and words used as nouns are capitalized" (Chapter 9, "Foreign Languages in Type").

Thank you.

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