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Cuisine and not herd

Posted by R. Berg on October 15, 2002

In Reply to: On the subject of deer posted by Word Camel on October 15, 2002

: : : : Coming home from school and finding my pet (or what I thought were pet) rabbits in the freezer did it for me.

: : : That would do it. As kids we were once served venison after spending the day feeding the fawns in the petting zoo. It was not good.

: : : Mind you, I'm omnivorous these days, and lard makes amazing pie crust.

: : I saw them as pets. My parents saw them as food. What are ya gonna do? As Tony Soprano would say.

: I was once in a restaurant in Paris struggling over the translation of a particular dish on the menu. I do not speak French but manage okay with food usually. Unfortunately I was stumped, as were the waitress and the restaurants manager. The waitress was scampering about the table while the manager pretended to shoot at her. I kept bleating " Venison? VeniSON?" Sadly no one French understands the word "venison", no matter how exaggerated the French accent one pronounces it with. Finally, in desperation I asked, "Bambi?" "Ah! Oui! Oui, Bambi! (throat-cutting motion)" Ah Disney, the universal language.

It would have been easier to order duck.

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