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"Common English Errors" site

Posted by R. Berg on October 13, 2002

In Reply to: Very Interesting "Common English Errors" Website - take a look posted by TheFallen on October 13, 2002

: I've referred to this website down below, in my latest posting on "another think/thing coming", but, having had a more leisurely chance to peruse it now, I think it's well worth mentioning it as a new topic in itself, so that it doesn't get lost. It's by no means definitive, but at least seems to have been created by a professor of English at the University of Washington, which isn't a bad start.

: Either way, it's an interesting resource, and one that I think is well worth a bookmark. It's well laid-out, informative and amusing. I recommend taking more than a quick look at it.

A good site indeed. I went there and got hooked. Naturally I found a few small errors I had to inform the author about.

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