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Posted by ESC on October 12, 2002

In Reply to: Looking for a phrase that means... posted by TheFallen on October 12, 2002

: : Hi I know there is a phrase to say to someone when they are connstantly making up silly stories and you know they arent true. You tell them ok are you done with this yet and they keep still going on about a story you know they are making up as they go along what is a good phrase to say to someone when they are ranting on and on with stories you know are not true as they want a reaction out of you? I need a good comeback line to say to someone when they are ranting on and on as this guy is trying to make me jealous telling me this story about another girl that got him pregnant. Please reply ASAP with a good phrase to comeback when he tells me these stories. Please post your answer here or email me with it thanks


: If this guy is telling you about (and I quote) "another girl that got him pregnant", forget being jealous. Become his agent, and sell his story to the National Enquirer - "World's first pregnant man!". I'm quite sure that both HBO and Fox would then get involved in a fierce bidding war to televise the birth. There are millions to be made here.

: Failing that, I'd hear him out, then tell him that he's clearly confusing you with someone who gives a damn, poke him in the eye sharply, and go find yourself a better class of friend.

Hmmmm. Sounds like a "long-winded prevaricator" to me.

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