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Of the first water

Posted by Ed Stansell on September 19, 2002 at

In Reply to: Of the first water posted by Charles Bruns on September 19, 2002

: I believe you may be mistaken in your explanation.I believe it relates to the making of mead. Originally, the honeycombs were washed after the initial recovery of liquid honey and the resulting honey/water mixture was fermented. The hishest quality mead came from the first washing, or first water, with subsequent washings producing an inferior brew.
: The phrase "of the FIRST water" would seem to have little to do with diamond quality

My take on this figure of speech is that it refers to birth as opposed to baptism. Someone born into a position is of greater rank than one who is ceremonially included. For example; a
person born to nobility is of higher rank than one married into it. You must bear in mind that when many of these saying began, the Bible was of greater influence in the lives of people than it is today and it was a source of many maxims and sayings.

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