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Here are the news?

Posted by R. Berg on August 30, 2002

In Reply to: Grammar help posted by Graham Foster on August 30, 2002

: : : : : : The only thing we overlook ARE wide open spaces.

: : : : : : The only thing we overlook IS wide open spaces.

: : : : : : Paging R. Berg. Which is correct? The grammar mavens are divided on this question. The sentence is for a proposed customer service ad with a visual pun -- a scenic overlook.

: : : : : IS is correct. The noun that governs is "thing," the subject of the sentence.

: Shouldn't it be the only THINGS we overlook ARE wide open spaces. And why doesn't the newsreader say "Here ARE the News"?

It could be "the only things . . . are," but it needn't be. Because, just before the previous commercial, an announcer didn't say "The news are next."

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