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Advice on choosing a horse!

Posted by Bruce Kahl on August 30, 2002

In Reply to: Advice on choosing a horse! posted by ESC on August 30, 2002

: : I am trying to trace the roots of the following traditional advice on choosing a horse and would be glad of any clues - thanks.

: : One white foot, buy him;
: : Two white feet, try him;
: : Three white feet, look well about him;
: : Four white feet, do without him.

: I will check my references. But I'll bet you'd have better luck contacting the staff at Bloodhorse magazine. At the bottom of the magazine home page is a link to staff names and addresses. If you do ask and they have an answer, please let us know.

Your posting is an old English/Irish proverb going way back but the link below is to a report by someone from the Department of Animal Science from the U of Colorado who states that there just might be some scientific evidence supporting the proverb.

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