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Folk phrases for *escape*

Posted by Rafa lesp on August 29, 2002

In Reply to: Folk phrases for *escape* posted by joel on August 28, 2002

The context which provokes the action seems to be important. In that sense, "out of the frying pan" from THAT saying would do the job, but "into the fire", obviously a rather pessimistic speculation as to what happens next, is redundant. In Russian (I think), the saying goes "from the fire to the bear". Well, if it's one of those dancing bears, that might not be a bad outcome at all :-) Certainly it sounds a tamer end.

The heat analogy might be a good one. How about negating "he took the heat", negate and add "head for the hills" as in "he took the heat no longer and headed for the hills" or something like that.

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