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Posted by ESC on August 25, 2002

In Reply to: Pineapple posted by Nancy K on August 25, 2002

: Does anyone know the origin of a pineapple on a home as a welcome symbol?

I few years back I toured a historic home in Frankfort, Ky. One of the four-poster beds had carved pineapples topping the posts. The tour guide said one of the guests in the home stayed so long that the hostess unscrewed the pineapples and took them off. I don't know if the guest took the hint.

Here's what I found online by searching "colonial times" and "pineapple."

In colonial times a sea captain would announce his homecoming by placing a pineapple on his gatepost as a sign that visitors were welcome. Eventually the pineapple became the symbol of hospitality. msjudys/c_wreaths.htm

The pineapple has long been considered the traditional symbol of hospitality. Begun when Captain James Cook returned from the Hawaiian Islands offering a pineapple, a rare and regal fruit, to only his noblest of friends. Pineapple.html

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