Posted by Rube on August 19, 2002

In Reply to: Famous Quotes posted by DEBBIE on August 19, 2002

"it would be alot of help to me . my son needs to know for school"

How will it be a lot of help to you if it is your son who requires the answer? Will it stop the child from haranguing you to do his work for him?

How will it be a help to your son, if, instead of actually learning how to do his own homework, someone else does it for him (and by the simple expedient of asking strangers to help him)?

It took me under 30 seconds to find the answer to your question. (By the way, it is in canto 6, stanza 17 of the above cited work.) Perhaps you might agree that it would behoove your son to invest the same de minimus expenditure of time in his own future.

Please excuse this mild upbraiding, but this is a pet peeve of mine. The Internet is a wonderful and extremely simple tool for shallow research of this nature, but apparently many people think it works by asking someone else to give them the answer.