Posted by Woodchuck on August 15, 2002

In Reply to: Palooza posted by TheFallen on August 15, 2002

: : Where does this come from?

: And while you're about it, what does it mean?

Short answer: It is taken from "lollapalooza" (also various other phonetic spellings) and means "humdinger".

Long answer:

Rube Goldberg had a cartoon character named "Lala Palooza" in the 1930s, but the word is older than that. The etymology is uncertain.

The "American Heritage Dictionary" says a lollapalooza is: "something outstanding of its kind", but after the Lollapalooza Tour, it's usually used as a suffix to indicate an extravaganza of some sort. (Hockey-palooza, Bingo-paloooza, etc.)