Could this be because ABBA were not native English Speakers?

Posted by Word Camel on August 12, 2002

In Reply to: But their official site says "dig in", not "diggin' ". The question remains... posted by Elena on August 12, 2002

: Thank you for the explanation, but if you look at
: music/song.php?id=54
: you can see that the official version of the song is "dig in the Dancing Queen". Also any search engeene gives a plenty of similar results (thousands) and only a few for "digging".

: I am not a fan of ABBA, I simply study English translating songs besides other ways. And this phrase made me dig the Internet for a while, but
: in vain ;-(((

"Dig in the Dancing Queen" doesn't make any sense unless one is a cannible or preparing to defend the dancing queen in a fox hole.