"Lush Life"

Posted by R. Berg on March 26, 2002

In Reply to: Lush--The Noun posted by Bob on March 26, 2002

: : : Here in the US someone who abuses alcohol is called a "lush".
: : : Anybody know the origin/derivation?
: : : I thank you in advance,
: : : bk

: : The American Heritage Dict. says "Origin unknown." The Dict. of Amer. Slang gives "liquor" as one meaning of "lush": archaic since c. 1920. "Lush" as a heavy drinker is labeled "very widespread since c. 1920." So possibly the word for the person developed from the word for the beverage.

: When did Duke Ellington write "Lush Life"? Connection?

After a brief Google search, I can report that "Lush Life" was written by Ellington's collaborator Billy Strayhorn sometime in the 1930s.