Good luck

Posted by R. Berg on March 19, 2002

In Reply to: Good luck posted by Bob on March 19, 2002

: : On the radio this morning the presenter was talking about an imminent sporting contest. I was only half awake and I didn't get any details, but I came to with a jolt when he said, "... and good luck to both sides".

: : Does anyone else find this strange? They can't both win! Is it really supposed to mean, "May both teams perform to the best of their abilities and may the best team win"? If that is the case, where does luck come in?

: : psi

: Well, if the event is Demolition Derby, it might be survival.

My guess is the guy was just bringing a close to the conversation, and filling air time, by saying something bland and pleasant. His orientation is social, not intellectual, and it's a mistake to look for much meaning in what he said. He may be used to interviewing competitors singly and saying "Good luck to you"--but this time he realizes he can't take sides in public, so he has to wish good luck to both of them.

"Good luck" seems to fall out of people's mouths unaccompanied by thought. "I'm off now to take an IQ test." "Well, good luck!"

Oh, and have a nice day.